What an exciting 2 weeks!

Maths Week

2 weeks ago during Maths Week we were leaning about how to use money carefully. We were given a £10 voucher because we needed to buy ingredients to bake some cakes. We were put in groups so we could talk about what designs we were going to do on our cakes. We also got to decide what sponges and decorations we were going to do. The first two days we were planing our designs and going round and asking people what cakes they liked the best. We also had to see how much profit we could make.  In the end, Year 4 made a profit of £85.92.  It was a fun week!


Steam Week (science, technology, engineering, art and maths)

Last week, we had steam week – first we had a mad science workshop when we saw lots of cool gadgets including the VAN DA GRAPH and Lewis had his boogers burnt by a Plasma Ball. The next day we went to EPA School to build Lego and program it. Our challenge was to build a Ferris wheel out of Lego. Also we had this one Lego block that you got to plug into your computer.  During the week we got to build miniature houses for The Borrowers .We picked our groups and we picked our rooms. The rooms were – the bathroom, bedroom, conservatory,  dining room, garden, lounge, kitchen and the secret garden. Even though  it was a hard challenge we completed it and in the end the rooms looked fantastic. Parents were invited to look at all the Year Groups Work.



By Summer and Freddie


Last Tuesday we went to the Time and Tide Museum, our favourite part was going on the steam drifter, Lydia-Eva. We are learning about the local fishing industry in history. We got to see the engine, cabin, galley and a model of the boat.

SAM_7313 SAM_7289

On Friday, Frankie became our teacher for the day. He played “Hit the Button”, gave us a quiz, did anagrams and finally played a football match in the afternoon.


This week is Maths week, we decided to design and bake cakes to sell, We want to make a profit on the £10 that Mr Payne gave us. Hopefully we will make lots of profit!

Yesterday afternoon we went to the beach to do some sketches. We drew boats and the beach in the style of Michael Foreman.


Back after the Easter break

Trip to Trinity Park

On Thursday we went to Trinity Park to visit the Agricultural Farm Show. We got to stroke some dogs and combed them too. We got to hold Guinea Pigs and Rabbits on our lap. We got to feed the horses.  There was a huge tent where there were lots of different stalls.  We tried fruit kebabs, some yummy sausages and we dipped bread in different oils. We also got to hold a pigs kidney, it felt squishy like jelly. We had a delicious lunch outside.  After lunch the class went to the carrot story, our teacher got carrots all over her hair because she only got 2 questions right out of 6 on a carrot quiz. After the show we went to see a combine harvester at work.  Finally we saw some people who were dressed up as Anglo Saxons and they had real swords.  What a great day!




On Monday we learnt a new skill by using a concrete resource called ‘Numicon’. This helped us with our maths.  We used it with for doing fraction work and we created a fraction wall using paper strips.



By Ben and Oliver M





Sea Shanties

On Thursday we participated in a sea shanty workshop with a group called ‘Voice cLoud’.  Sea shanties are old sailing songs that sailors sang whilst working. Stephen , Paul and Andy (members of the group) told us about the 1953 flood and how the water reached a very high height.  Also the members told us about the different parts of a sailing boat – we then had to run to each part of the boat for e.g. starboard – port.


Clay Sculptures

On Thursday after lots of research about the artist Maggi Hambling, we finally created our own clay sculpture to mark the Anglo Saxons arriving in Britain. We had lots of fun making them and they turned out really well (even though we got very messy).



We hope you all have a fabulous Easter holiday!

From Aaliyah and Frankie

A lot going on in Dolphins

Dental Health

On Tuesday the 14th of March 2017 we had someone visiting us from the James Paget Hospital. She talked to us about keeping our teeth healthy and cleaning our teeth properly. We took a purple tablet that makes your tongue and teeth pink and purple. The dye showed us whether we had cleaned our teeth well.  We were inspired to clean our teeth properly and we had lots of fun.

Thank you the Oral Health Educator!!!


Big Friendly Giant (BFG ) Workshop

On Monday 6th March 2017, we had a lady in from the West End Theatre Group and we were doing a dance with her about the BFG . We had to be asleep in the orphanage while the BFG snatched Sophie out of bed and took her to Giant Country. Near the end we separated into 3 groups and did 3 different parts from the book and the film. It was fun doing the dance.  Everyone had a fantastic time.

BFG workshop

By Isla and Leon

Busy, busy, busy!

What a busy week we have had in Dolphins.

In maths we have been investigating position using coordinates. Then we translated 2D shapes and described the translation.

We have been using persuasive language to create an advert to persuade visitors to go to Sutton Hoo and then filmed them on the ipad. This week we shall be writing to persuade other children to come to Pakefield Primary.

Our electrical work has continued in science and this week we investigated insulators and conductors by testing different materials in a simple circuit.

Our electric games are now completed and evaluated. They were fun to make!

We are looking forward to seeing parents in on Wednesday morning to read with us, then dressing up for World Book Day on Thursday.

Another Exciting Week In Dolphins


by Alfie-Jay and Aaron


Last week in Dolphins,some people came to show us some virtual reality (VR) goggles. First,they showed us a new tribe welcoming us into the VR world.  Next, we  watched a bullying video and we had to try  to find out why Jasper (the bully )was bullying Liam (the person who was getting bullied) . Finally we got to play a game where we had to stop the bikes being stolen, get some balls which were stuck in trees and clean up the litter which was on the floor of the park. It was fun for every one!



Trip to Sutton Hoo

Yesterday (Thursday 9th February)

Year 4 had a school trip to Sutton Hoo. First,they let us do activities like identifying objects,making pots. At the end,a man showed us a mysterious burial mound and they let us go in their own museum  and they showed us sand bodies. The sand bodies were bad people who had committed a crime.